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This site has now been expanded to become www.electronics-tutorials.com with some exciting new developments happening, including total revision of every tutorial, plus additional ones as well as several projects.

Electronics tutorials offered by www.electronics-tutorials.com are FREE to you and are extremely comprehensive with over 120 individual electronics tutorials topics covering a very wide range of electronics.

This site has become so popular that not only do I predict the calendar year 2001 will probably see 1,000,000 individuals look at about 3.6 million pages but it has been nominated for consideration in the prestigious "Pirrelli Award" for 2000. This award carries a first prize of 25,000 Euros for contribution to "scientific culture". In addition I received the "Golden House-Sparrow Award" for site-of-the day 25th October? Check out the others receiving awards.

If you are professionally involved in electronics then consider joining our "Electronics Questions and Answers" news group to share your thorny questions and answers and help out your colleagues.

This is a mutual help group with a very professional air about it. I've learn't things. Not for absolute newcomers to ask questions BUT it is an excellent learning resource for lurkers.

Sincerely - Ian Purdie VK2TIP

As at 1st January, 2001 -

1.    Because of the huge success I have enjoyed with downloading files with a FREE program called Go!Zilla I have created a special link to it. Then go to the graphic you click on to download your FREE copy. You will open up a separate window.

BTW, being an upfront person I must tell you that Mr. Go!Zilla pays me a few pennies (literally few) for sending you there.

Try out the Go!Zilla page.

1a.  In response to a large number of requests I have done a relatively lengthy  tutorial on the principles etc. of Active Receiving Antennas. Worth a look.

2.    Largest F.A.Q. topic is power supplies. It's fairly comprehensive and spans four completed parts. The final part (Part 4) features a bench type variable power supply for you to construct at home. If that's your area of interest then check out power supplies. for the first link.

3.    My pages on amplifier design has obviously become a huge hit (see index). More of that to come. There is also new my AM Radio - radio design Part 1 (again see index).

Two recent additions are oscillator design and by overwhelming email demand high pass LC filter design

4.    Want to be updated on what I've added?. Its FREE and comes direct from me to you so your email address is totally confidential.

FREE Newsletter twice a month

No cost, no obligation and unsubscribe yourself when it suits.

5.    A section on crystal radio sets (see index above). I have added a great links page to heaps of amateur radio design and project sites world wide. Some of the most excellent radio design and electronic project sites around the world and it's had massive hits. There is now a page on Reflex Receiver Design.

6.    Also a big thank you to all the youngsters and others who have submitted a good variety of questions seeking help. Also thank you to others with good feedback about errors, dodgy links etc. It sure makes my time spent well worthwhile.

7.    I have a tutorial for Amateurs, electronic hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts on Class A amplifier design. See my tutorial on Amplifier design..

8.    I have yet to finalize the LC Filter tutorials etc. for Amateur Radio operators, electronic hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts (some feedback would help the motivation). See my tutorial on LC Filter design. We are now up to complex band pass filters. See above for high pass LC filters.

 I have totally revised the basics so it is now one .html page encompassing everything. I suggest you print it out (about 16+ A4 pages).

9.    I created a new segment on Radio Terminology basically to answer a few of your more commonly asked questions. That has ultimately turned into a mini tutorial. Print it out because I think it's well worthwhile for newcomers to electronics and radio. While you are looking at it check out the NEW page on Radio Receivers - the fundamentals

There is also now my new Freebies Page which is brought to you by my fledgling conglomerate "Burning Ice-Cream". Check it out and see if there is anything of interest for you there. I'll add more stuff as time goes by.

10.    My links page covers just about every source of parts any amateur or hobbyist would want.

11.    I have an excellent projects / kits page featuring all kinds of stuff from the smartest amateurs in the world.

12.    For further detailed information on much, but not all of the sources used for my tutorials - please see my Essential Reading Material segment.

13.    If you find and broken links then please send me an email

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