An email announcement by Alan Waller K3TKJ re new a low cost National Internet Service Provider for amateur radio operators

An email announcement by Alan Waller K3TKJ re new a low cost National Internet Service Provider for amateur radio operators

Subject: QSL/QTH.NET Newsletter

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 09:26:35 -0500

From: "Alan L. Waller K3TKJ" <>



Hello QSL.NET or QTH.NET users,

To avoid some confusion that happened on my last mailing. Let me introduce myself. I'm Al Waller and I provide the Internet servers that host your Ham Radio Web sites and E-mail addresses and also the List Servers (reflectors) that are on various radio and non-radio topics at QTH.NET. ALL services provided by these systems are funded by user donations, non-free services and by me personally. We are NOT a business! This is a hobby service.

It looks like 2000 is going to be an interesting year for our hobby and I will try to keep in touch with all of you every few months with what's happening on this end.

1.) As I announced in December, QSL.NET is a National Internet Service Provider, with access for about 95% of the US and most major Canadian cities. The response to this was incredible and I am very happy to announce that effective 2/1/00 the rates for service have been reduced from $20.95 to $14.95 per month. This is the first of what I hope to be many price reductions. There is buying power in numbers...we have the numbers, I just need you to get behind me on this and make it happen.

Why should you consider QSL.NET for your ISP?

We are NOT a business our goal is to supply you with quality Internet at the lowest possible price. Dedicated fiber network built for just the Internet 5000 trunked Numbers in almost 900 Locations .v90 56K and ISDN 64K dialups only $14.95 for unlimited access ISDN 128K dialups $29.95 per month unlimited access DSL available in the next few months Fast reliable service 38,000 group news server Email forwarding, POP3 accounts and you can send mail from QSL.NET SMTP servers The small monthly profit helps fund QSL/QTH.NET

I hope you will consider switching to QSL.NET as your ISP. If you want to test drive it, e-mail me and I will give you a 24 hour password to try us out.

Full ISP info at

2.) The "World Famous" QSL.NET T-Shirts are available just in time for the Spring hamfests.

       Order info is at

3.) If you or you club wants or have a private domain, we are now able to host these for you. We also are able to host business web sites so if you or your company needs this service, please consider QSL.NET.

4.) If you sell an Amateur Radio product/service or closely related product/service we will accept your banner advertisement on the main QSL.NET pages.

5.) We are in the process of purging unused web sites and e-mail accounts. If you site vanishes it means I accidently got you. Let me know and I will restore it from the backups.

6.) We now have a full time Webmaster, if you need a web page for QSL.NET, or any other site designed and written, banner ads produced of other custom graphics contact... Quality work and VERY reasonable prices.

7.) DL4NER is building a QSL.NET Chat server. Keep watching "About QSL.NET" for the startup date and instructions.

8.) If your Radio Club, Business or other Non-Radio Organization wants a list server we will host it. Email me for additional info.

9.) User donations are the largest source of funds to run QSL.NET, I would like to again to thank all those who have contributed to this site. You are why this all happens! There is a new contribution acknowledgement page in the works, watch for it on the main homepage. If you have not contributed to this project now would be a good time to do it. A $10 per year contribution is suggested but in no way is required to use these systems. If you believe in what we are doing please help, Thanks.

Contributions by Credit Card on our Secure Server... Snail Mail address is there also.

10.) If there is something QSL.NET can do for you or you have an idea for additional services please send me your comments and we will try to make it happen.

Finally a Giant Thanks to all those who contribute their spare time to this site.

KB9LPJ, Mike for the Sys Admin Help and the Perl and Awk lessons. N6RT, Doug for the DX.QSL.NET site DL4NER, Werner for the German Mirror site Danielle, for the creativity and artistic excellence My wife Denise, for tolerating my out of control hobby and keeping track of the paperwork. The 280 list managers who make the list servers work as designed.

73, Al



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