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This is NOT commercial hype. Pure voluntary because I really believe in this magazine.

QRP Quarterly (the Journal of the QRP Amateur Radio Club, International) is published not surprising, four times a year, by a group of dedicated volunteers, all on a non-profit basis. It has a long and prestigious history. For example the October, 1999 issue comprised 62 pages.

Every issue is jam packed with interesting articles by some of the biggest names in the amateur radio / professional electronics industry. Circuits, electronic projects and schematics galore. It is truly a professional and polished publication.

If you are simply interested in becoming an amateur radio operator this magazine could be a big help to you.

The cost (low because of the slave labour factor) it was [check the site]:

U.S.A. - $15.00    CANADA - $US 18.00    ELSEWHERE - $US 20.00

I thoroughly recommend it and as always with my recommendations, I've subscribed to it myself.

A subscription form is available at: welcome to friends of Ian Purdie and follow the links.




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