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Although the principal purpose of my website is an educational one dealing mainly with amateur radio, it doesn't mean I don't or can't have strong opinions in other areas.

I am not by nature a "shrinking violet" and I fervently believe "the pen to be indeed mightier than the sword". I believe the internet to be the ideal repository for ideas and the exchange thereof.

The fact you are reading this page would indicate you must be at least a bit curious.

I deeply believe that over 90% of the world's population are caring people who simply want to go about their daily lives, living in peace and harmony with both their neighbours and the environment, providing for the well being of their family, and making reasonable provision for the future of themselves and their children.

So what goes wrong?. Why isn't there the peace and harmony sought by so many?. Do I have the answers?

NO - I can't claim to have the answers but I think I can very briefly point out some of the deficiencies in our national and international societies which do lead to disharmony, cause undue worry and anxiety for so many people worldwide.

I expect you would not be unduly surprised if I listed the No. 1 underlying cause to be GREEDat local, national and international levels.

Closely identified with that cause I would have to list as No. 2 GLOBAL CAPITALISM.

And hot on the heels of that I would list at No. 3 GLOBAL MEDIA MANIPULATION.

And finally at No. 4, but in conjuction with Nos. 1 - 3 a total absence of MORALITY, ETHICS, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE.


On the 6th November, 1999 the Australian people voted at a referendum to establish a minimalist Australian republic. The referendum was defeated by 55% to 45% vote.

I accept that result but I refuse to believe it, here is why.



1. Following a well known and widely heard, in Australia, radio commentator having reversed his long standing and ongoing critical position on banks, he was exposed to have accepted a $A 1.2 million contract to "tell the banks side of the story".

He had omitted to tell his legions of loyal listeners (estimated at 2 million people) of the existence of the contract. He maintained he was not a journalist but merely an "entertainer" and therefore not subject to matters of ethics. The wider media of course had a feeding frenzy.

Whilst I don't hold a favourable position for the radio commentator, I thought public debate had become a bit one sided with very little criticism of the role of the Australian Bankers Association in the deal. This story had been accompanied in recent times by other stories in the media about deceptive product packaging, big business preying upon smaller businesses and unfair competition.

This prompted my letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph which was published on Saturday 24th July, 1999.

The letter was published (I average only one in three), it was published in full (a first), it was not edited so as to blunt my impact (another first) and was published as the lead letter (not a first) under the heading:

"Falling into the wrong company" - Letter to the Editor (as published)

- Ian Purdie 26/7/99

I'll put others up as time permits.


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