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Ian Purdie VK2TIP's FREE monthly newsletter archives from - OCTOBER 1999


Hi Gang,

You are receiving this newsletter because you asked to.

It might pay you to print this out now - it's about "I dunno" how many pages

Now having said that let's proceed to where we are at the moment.

1.     Is this newsletter useful?
2.     What I'm personally up to.
3.     Licensing Tutorial Course
4.     Updates and further pages in coming month
5.     Damn lies and "statistics"
6.     Feedback
7.     How many "downloaded" the drawing package or socket watch?
8.     Humour

1.     Is this Newsletter particularly useful?

I am sending out an ever increasing number of these newsletters which of course uses up quite a fair bit of my monthly budget of allowable bandwidth. It would be helpful if I received some feedback.

Hullo - is anybody out there! Response last month was less than 1%

2.     What I'm personally up to

This previous month I've devoted a fair bit of time helping people out with projects / problems etc. This chews up time. In fact it takes nearly 2 hours a morning to download well over 150+ emails, read and reply where necessary.

Also I've nearly finished the kids bathroom renovations. I've been elected to two more committees I don't really want to serve on but...... that's four now!

I'm now doing ads etc. on an Amiga based graphics system which displays the ads on a normal TV monitor in our club. Flaky system believe me. Any amiga owners / users out there? I'd like to hear from you.

As far as my readers are concerned I'm constantly reminded how I have neglected you with updates and additions to various tutorials.
3.     Licensing Tutorial Course

The first lessons are now in print on my web site for all to see.

Part 2 is still incomplete but due for finish shortly. I am constantly asked about payment for the course:

1.    I will not even think about that until EVERY lesson has been finalised and locked up.

2.    again I will not even think about that until I am certain that everyone has received sufficient earlier lessons to justify asking for payment.

In short, when you know for sure you are going to get value for money then I'll ask. In the meantime don't worry about it.

For those who did part 1 here is a little joke (you might need to look at part one to fully understand it):

Two hydrogen atoms were walking down the street. One said to the other, "I lost an electron." The other asked, "Are you sure?" The first answered, "I'm positive"...

as told by a friend, source not given.

Sorry for that!

4.     Updates and further pages in coming month

Hah!, I found out today that part 2 of the Amplifier Design had been sitting happily on the server since 12th July. Nobody could access it though because a certain "Oh Duh!" person put in a bad link. I spoke quite severely to myself. You can now read it at:

PS: Thanks for the huge amount of feedback here.

BTW for those doing their own web pages and want to receive email back, look at the format above on 4th line.

5.     Damn lies and "statistics"

Well now I've gone past 13,300 unique visitors - that's a jump of 30% since a month ago.

6.     Feedback

Well tell me what you think. Offer suggestions, constructive criticism anything to let me know you are alive and well. Give me a little story about yourself. The most personally rewarding aspect of all this apart from the "thank you's" is the number of fine people with whom I am now friends world wide. And that's really something worthwhile in life.

Speaking of friends how about telling your friends about my site and my monthly newsletter?

7.     How many "downloaded" the drawing package or socket watch?

Would someone please tell me?

8.     Humour

See above

Let me know if you would like to see some more "Net Dummy Humour" or other humour (both family type) and/or trivia included in the next newsletter. Individual contributions welcome - space permitting.

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Thank you all very much and 73's to you all

Ian Purdie
VK2TIP "I'll give you the TIP mate"
Budgewoi N.S.W. Australia
Tel: 61 + 2 + 4399 3228 (2200 - 0800 U.T.C. please.)
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