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Ian Purdie VK2TIP's FREE monthly newsletter archives from - DECEMBER 1999


Hi Gang,

Hullo, anybody out there in cyber-land? Ah! the festive (silly season) is upon us.

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1.    Questions, diatribes, and cries for help should be directed toward"Questions and diatribes"

Christmas cards <g> can be sent to:

138 "Bevington Village", 186 Sunrise Avenue, Budgewoi N.S.W. 2262 Australia

I appreciate your participation in receiving my Newsletter. If you have another moment or two, please read my shameless promotional hype way down below, because I think there's some real cool stuff that might be of great interest to everyone.

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Make your personal choice, but please do reply to either question above. Thanks.

2.    I'm ready for anything with Y2K.

Many readers have been asking: "what is Ian Purdie is doing to prepare for Y2K?".

Here's what I've got:

one large bottle of Tyrrell's Old Winery Pinot Noir in each of my desk drawers, plus another one hidden in a secret place. <g>

It might pay you to print this Newsletter out now - it's as usual, about "I dunno" how many pages long


Now what's all the news up to the moment? Following our usual format:.

 3.     Has this newsletter proved useful?
 4.     What I'm personally up to.
 5.     Licensing Tutorial Course
 6.     Updates and further pages in coming month
 7.     QRP Quarterly magazine - absolutely brilliant
 8.     My customary damn lies and "statistics"
 9.     Feedback
10.    A few valuable but FREE! downloads - I use and recommend them of course.
11.    Bookstore coming
12.    All right I've included one joke by popular demand.

3.     Is this Newsletter particularly useful?

YES - it's gotta be. Assuming it doesn't get deleted by nearly everyone without ever being opened.

The ratio of monthly new subscribes to unsubscribes (mostly losing email facilities) is ten to one each month. Ahem, I humbly thank you. Now if you could all put $1 in the mail there would be no further need for me to curtail my drinking :)-

On that note BTW, if you want to continue receiving this newsletter and propose changing email addresses, please let me know as I get a couple of dead email addresses a month.

4.     What I'm personally up to

I've revamped the home page a bit. Check it out and let me know what you think

Writing more and more tutorials - see later.

I'm moving toward my own domain registration and a total rewrite of the whole site in the new year. I estimate the whole site, if printed out, covers over 600+ printed pages. All up it's becoming an expensive exercise so I've had to introduce some crass commercialism to defray these costs and I hope you both understand and support me.

For some of the FREE downloads I receive a few (very few) pennies if you do download. I never recommend anything unless I am a satisfied user myself. I am trying to organize a satisfactory on line bookstore for the quality reference books I'd recommend. More on that later. I'd like to introduce banner ads but I can't find any which are related to the site content. I'm not sure "Mary's PetStore and Goldfish Emporium" is appropriate.

5.     Licensing Tutorial Course

The first lessons are now in print on my web site for all to see.

Part 1 is still incomplete (only just found out) but due for finish shortly.

6.     Updates, new pages and further pages in coming month

There is a new page on active antenna theory

There is a new page on oscillators

Finally, I did it. There is the new page on high pass filters

PS: Thanks for the huge amount of feedback here.

7.    A plug for one of the most excellent electronics magazines available.

This is NOT commercial hype. Pure voluntary because I really believe in this magazine.

QRP Quarterly (the Journal of the QRP Amateur Radio Club, International) is published  not surprising, four times a year, by a group of dedicated volunteers, all on a non-profit basis. It has a long and prestigious history. Last issue was October, 1999 and comprised 62 pages.

Every issue is jam packed with interesting articles by some of the biggest names in the amateur radio / professional electronics industry. Circuits and schematics galore. It is truly a professional and polished publication.

If you are simply interested in becoming an amateur radio operator this will be a big help.

The cost (low because of the slave labour factor) is:

U.S.A. - $15.00    CANADA - $US 18.00    ELSEWHERE - $US 20.00

I thoroughly recommend it and as always with my recommendations, I've subscribed to it myself.

 A form is available at:  If you could print it out and use, it would be much appreciated by all concerned.

Don't forget to tell 'em Ian VK2TIP sent you.

Visit QRP Amateur Radio Club, International - URL:

8.     Damn lies and "statistics"

Well they really were lies. My main counter has now gone past 19,500 unique visitors.
But I've since established (through another mechanism) these numbers were LOW due to a few technical reasons. The main counter reports 3,399 visitors for the month of November.

The alternate mechanism puts TOTAL unique visitors to my site, not just main page, at 4,929 and total tracked page views at 12,160 for November. Not bad for a little kid from the Australian bush.

9.     Feedback

Well tell me what you think. Very few people write to me about these Newsletters. Am I wasting my money? Yes it costs me for using this bandwidth. A courtesy reply from friends would be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of friends how about telling your friends about my site and my monthly newsletter?

Without feedback I don't know where to go.

10.    Real COOL but FREE! downloads -

(c) Sun Clock screen saver

No I don't get anything for this. I just included it because I really like it. It's a map of the world with the time zones of all the main centres shown together with a constantly changing shadow depicting those areas of the world currently in darkness. Cool!

Two problems with it for me (might be just my computer)

(a) doesn't account for Sydney being in day light saving so other world times are out by one hour at present.

(b) for some obscure reason, if left unattended for a long time, it seems to cause the usual Microsoft's "this program has performed an illegal..... and will be shut down"

BUT for FREE, I can't complain and I love it. Shame I can't get a few pennies though <g>

11.    My online bookstore

I mentioned earlier about this and I have set up arrangements with both Affinia and Amazon but, I want to be certain I can offer only quality up to date reference books.

One other organization offered me ARRL publications, only for me to discover their idea of the ARRL Handbook was the 1973 edition. Good grief!

12.    Humour

Too long to include here so you will have to go to:


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If you're into the history of logarithms check this out

On the subject of computing logs, there is an interesting brief history at
"Ask Dr. Math":



Thank you all very much and 73's to you all. May your God go hand in hand with you, protect you and your family and (my prayer) may this new millennium bring enduring peace, understanding, tolerance, prosperity and goodwill to everyone on earth.

Ian Purdie
VK2TIP "I'll give you the TIP mate"
Budgewoi N.S.W. Australia
Tel: 61 + 2 + 4399 3228 (2200 - 0800 U.T.C. please.)
QRP-L member #1978.

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