Michael MacNamara b. (about) 1810 - 1817
Michael MacNamara was born between 1810 - 1817 in Newmarket, County Clare, Ireland. He was married some time before 1841 to Mary Keily (Reily, Kelly??). His father was William MacNamara and his mother was Mary MacNamara (nee MacNertry). He arrived in Australia 13th March, 1841 on board "Berkshire".

He brought with him his wife Mary and a daughter Eliza Macnamara born May, 1840 Newmarket.

I would dearly love to hear from anyone with further information on my ancestor Michael MacNamara and I am keen to exchange as much information as possible. I have been involved in genealogy for over 10 years and have visited Ireland in my search.

I have a lot of information beyond Michael MacNamara down to myself and we have located other branches of the family both in Australia as well as in the U.S.A.

Please email any information to: Carolyn Purdie

6th March, 2000