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You must NOT copy any of these pages and place them on your own site unless I have first given my written permission and the original source of the material is attributed. This is usely no problem for recognised educational institutions.

I assert the moral right to be identified as the author of this web site and all contents herein. It is my intellectual work and I zealously protect my intellectual rights.

Everything is copyright and, beyond the definition of "fair use" I will prosecute both civil and criminal proceedings for abuse of my rights. At the moment I regard each page on this site to have a commercial value of $US 1,000.00 per day of breach.

You may not intercept nor alter in any way the contents of this web site.


I have had numerous requests to link to this site, which is of course particularly welcome, as my mission is to spread interest in and knowledge of electronics in general and amateur radio in particular. It is usually not necessary to ask permission ahead of time (though I am always glad to know by email who is linking to me if only to keep them updated). However, there have been a few instances which prompt some guidelines in the interest of fairness.

Firstly I would rather you actually download one particular page links-to-vk2tip.htm and add that page to your site. THEN make your link point to

I would appreciate that kind of support and if you have an educational or project site with valuable information I'll of course reciprocate.

All material at this site may be used by private individuals for their own non-commercial purposes. Single copies of my pages or files may be distributed to other private individuals at no charge, unless other requirements are noted on the relevant page. However, all material remains the intellectual property of Ian C. Purdie, individual contributors, or other sources who gave permission for use of their material at this site. All copyrights are reserved by myself or the respective owners. Material may not be republished without written permission, nor may it be mirrored on another server without written permission.

Anyone with a Web page is welcome to link to any part of this site, under these conditions:

You may not imply my endorsement of a product or of your site. Unlike some sites, I don't necessarily object to (but then again I don't exactly encourage them either) having my pages placed in frames, as long as they do not distort my document and no endorsement is implied.


If a link to me is placed on a page that uses frames, you must plainly show the origin of my page!

Either the page's URL, or when it does become available my logo, needs to appear in the immediate vicinity of the hypertext link or icon that connects to my page. Use of frames to obscure the origin of material is to imply that it resides at your site, which is not fair to me or to any other page's author.

If you link to any part of my site other than the home page, please check the link(s) periodically, to ensure that your readers will not be disappointed if I move the page elsewhere or discontinue it.

Please be aware that sometime this year I will be moving to my own registered domain name.

If you want to contact me regarding your link back or anything else please do so.



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The author Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this web site and all contents herein. All rights reserved. See copying and links.

These electronic projects are provided for individual private use and the author assumes no liability whatsoever for the application, use, misuse, of these projects that result in the direct or indirect damage or loss that comes from these projects. All materials are provided for free private and public use. Commercial use prohibited without prior written permission from Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP.

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