amateur radio licensing tutorial course for those wishing to become licensed to operate transmitters, receivers and undertake electronic projects.

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amateur radio licensing course

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Study to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

Because I have had quite a number of requests for links to suitable amateur radio and additional electronic courses, whether by correspondence or on the world wide web, there clearly seems to be a need for such a course to be conducted through cyberspace. I can not find one in existence.

Whilst the syllabus of this course would be pretty much the same as required throughout the world, it will obviously be for Australian conditions and standards.

Where any significant variance is drawn to my attention this will be highlighted, commented upon and addressed. I doubt very much if any variances will exist. In short you should be well on your way to being adequately prepared.

You can NOW try lesson 1a yourself free of charge by going here


Firstly I have no intention of writing hundreds of pages which may or may not be read by anyone. I have set forth below the proposed syllabus I intend to cover provided I get a sufficiently reasonable number of people interested. To register, solely to be advised of updates to participate, please email me now. Just give me your name and return email address - your locality would be most helpful but not necessary. IMPORTANT - can you receive .htm files by email?.


If I get adequate numbers then I will start work. I estimate to allow sufficient time to spread the word throughout the various web search engines, word of mouth etc. that a possible start date could be 1st September, 1999.

The duration of the course would be about 13 weeks. Longer if required.

How much

On the web I believe, try before you buy. The first section comprising 25% of the course will be free-gratis-no charge. Is that not fair?.

If you wish to continue the rest of the course, assuming you now consider from what you have previously completed that it represents good value, I am going to make a one off charge of $A20. At 10th June that is roughly the equivalent of $US13 and about eight pounds U.K. Is this an unreasonable sum for a proposed 13 week course?.

However if we find a substantial number of people signing up for the course and then proposing to pay the fee then obviously those amounts will be revised downward quite sharply.

Why charge

There are several reasons not the least of which is you quickly separate the keen students from the fly-by-nights. If you have a financial investment then you expect to get value in return, therefore you would most likely decide to put your head down, tail up and learn.

If say a number of students indicate their willingness to participate then I will make an investment of my time in at least the first free 25% of the course. Assuming an adequate number pay for the remaining 75% of the course (conducted on a different web address obviously) then I know my time is not wasted. BUT I want to try the method of emailing each weeks lesson direct to you. What do you think?.

Another reason is that at age 57, I now live on a fixed income. I have no intention of conducting a business to earn income from this course, but if I can in some small way recover  part of my not inconsiderable cost of maintaining a web site, web hosting fees, reams of paper, hardware upgrades, additional telephone costs etc. (every disconnect is 20c) then I will be able to do much more for you and everyone else. An alternative is to inflict banner ads upon you but I expect you hate them as much as I do but I think they are inevitable.

Just one cost example, I badly need a scanner to import circuit diagrams. Whilst they have dropped in cost over recent years I am hard pressed to justify the necessary expenditure. Schematic drawing software is a further example. Another excellent "toy" would be a CD-ROM burner. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the lessons and other tutorials as well, all on one CD?. I've had to go to a domain name so there is further expense.

Now I don't want to profit from this exercise but if, just if, I could break even for the year then that would be utopia. In short it's not a money making exercise, hopefully just some means of recovering part of my costs and being able to offer you something better in return.

proposed syllabus

This is based on the Australian requirement candidates sit for a theory examination of one and a half hour duration. The examination is based on the theory of radiotelegraphy, radiotelephony and electrical principles as applied to Amateur transmitting and receiving stations. NOTE: the pass mark for the Australian Examination is 70%
1.    Electrical Laws and Circuits

2.    Circuit Symbols

3.    Mathematics

4.    Semiconductors

5.    Vacuum tubes

6.    Power Supplies

7.    Oscillator and amplifier principles

8.    Transmitters

9.    Receivers

10.  Propogation

11.  Antennas and transmission lines

12.  Test Equipment and measurements

13.  Interference

14.  Advanced modes of transmission and reception

15.  Safety

detailed syllabus
The detailed syllabus I wish to use is crown copyright. Some details can be seen here:
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