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- as published Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper Saturday 25th July, 1999


A GREAT deal has recently been said in both the print and electronic media about high profile broadcasters either accepting payments or having financial arrangements for favourable comment.

However very little has been said about the role of the corporate sponsor.

The broadcasters have been the ones castigated, is this not one example of "shooting the messenger"?

The question needs to be asked: how much longer will the community continue to tolerate these low standards pursued by corporate Australia?

In recent weeks we have had examples of money changing hands for favourable comment, current affairs programs highlighting the manner in which products are packaged so as to to deceive the consumer, and further programs drawing attention to other unsatisfactory aspects of business's unethical behaviour.

It is long overdue for big business to understand one basic expectation of the consumer: be both honest and totally transparent in your business dealings.

Employing hordes of marketing spin-doctors to overcome consumer resistance is no substitute for doing it right the first time.

If your product or service doesn't stand up to scrutiny in the light of day then tough luck - do better.

Don't foist lies, half-truths and distortions upon us because we are mightily sick of it. You cannot buy respectability.

In short I would urge all businesspeople to reconsider their ethical positions.

It is not unreasonable to earn a just and fair profit but please remember: the laissez-faire society expired at least a generation ago.

Ultimately if corporate Australia doesn't get its act together then some future government will certainly legislate to ensure they do so.

Ian C. Purdie
Budgewoi N.S.W.



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