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They mainly run along these lines:

When ya gunna finish / High Voltage junk to kill yourself / Let's get CB'ers / Radio Control Devices / Same again - but only for tracking

When does this get finished?

Q: When the hell you going to finish this site?.

A: I am going as fast as I can. Although my family will not agree with this statement - I do in fact have another  life!.

High Voltage junk

Q: Anything relating to 110v, 120v or 240v (or even higher - god forbid)

A: Apart from power supplies - the answers for this type of design and construction are in the recommended texts in my read me link anyway - apart from that I simply CAN'T  AND WON'T help you for the very obvious reason it is bloody dangerous.

As far as economical project power supplies go, you simply can't beat plugpacks anyway with extra filtering and regulation on board as needed.

Let's get even - with anyone if necessary!

Q: below is an email received which also states the question. Author will remain anonymous.

A: this email is included in F.A.Q. to head off similar enquiries. My answer is included in the email but let me be crystal clear in stating my personal policy:

"If it is illegal, unethical, immoral or just plain not in the public interest I don't want to know about it and I will not knowingly assist any persons in these endeavours".

EMAIL- my reply

            Re: Payback
            Sat, 13 Feb 1999 23:04:48 +1100
            "Ian C. Purdie" <>
            FRANK@XXXXXXXX wrote:

>     Sir:
> I am an American ham radio operator who lives in an area plagued by
> powered citizen's band radio stations that completely wipe out my
"ears" on
> the 10 and 12 meter bands.  I have informed the operators of the
stations of
> their interference and got the usual profane response followed by an
> in their output power.  The FCC is largely impotent in their
enforcement of
> such violations and I am thinking of dishing out some payback to the
> of these stations by using a small low-power jammer. My expertise is
> and was wondering if you knew of any simple design that would put out
> approximately one watt of carrier or noise on 26.965-27.405 MHz and
> operate on a small battery with a wire antenna externally situated on
the case
> that I could locate in close proximity to the operators' station

You say you are an amateur radio operator but you did not give me your
call sign.

>        I understand the illegality of this somewhat drastic measure,
but I
> could gain some small satisfaction out of carrying through with this
bit of
> mischief.  If this is impossible to create or if the cost is
prohibitive, I
> can at least say that I tried.
>                                                 Thank you for your
>                                                                 Frank

The short answer is forget it, i.e. payback. I can recollect some 20 odd years ago experiencing a similar problem although that was largely rectification in mine and my neighbours' Hi-Fi's. A friendly chat to some parents solved that problem but I guess times have changed.

Believe me there is absolutely no future at all in tit-for-tat payback. Matters only escalate.

The long answer is for you to contact a local amateur radio club or the  A.R.R.L for guidance. Submit your problem to them because if the problem is as bad as you describe then certainly others are similarly affected.

>From a technical point of view all you would achieve is to severely annoy the's after a lot of trouble and expense to yourself and worst of all, as you say you are an amateur operator, lower our high standards of behaviour down to theirs.

Sorry but that is the advice I can and will be prepared to offer.

Best regards in your endeavours and thanks for your note.


I need a tracking device

Q: I need a device to track my ...wife ...mother-in-law etc.

A: Contact the people at for their ready made devices. They seem to be simply 'mazing although I have no personal experience


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