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    Family Radio Service or FRS

    A number of times I've been asked by U.S. residents, what is this "no-license required Family Radio Service or FRS"?

    I did a lot of research into this topic and this is what I came up with. It is a no-licensed required, two way and very inexpensive walkie-talkie that operates in the frequency range of 462.5625 to 467.7125 Mhz, this is the FRS or Family Radio Service band. For U.S.A. residents ONLY.

    Electronic Projects for you to Construct

    Test Equipment
    This image is copyrighted © by Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP - new

    Spectrum Analyzer Project and Kit of parts from my new site.

    This is an excellent piece of test equipment and relatively inexpensive to construct considering commercial Spectrum Analyzers cost $10,000's. Well worth a look. Print it out!

    LC Meter Project and Kit - Now you can easily build a quality inductance and capacitance meter (LC meter project). Ideal for any serious constructor - designed by Neil Hecht of AADE.

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    AM/FM Radio Project Kit

    AM/FM radio kit and training course contains 14 transistors and 5 diodes, a 52 page manual is divided into 9 lessons. Superheterodyne receiver of standard AM and FM broadcast frequencies. Makes an excellent classroom project.

    This image is copyrighted © by Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP - photo of the AM/FM radio project kit
    Photo courtesy Parts Express

    Scroll down this Parts Express Electronics Project Kits Page for the AM/FM Radio Project Kit. A site I'm affiliated with.

    If you need to write to me, Ian Purdie VK2TIP, in regard to any matter on these electronics tutorials sites PLEASE read this page first.

    My latest site, devoted to an ever expanding number of tutorials in electronics. Some are revisions of these tutorials and some are totally new. It is fast becoming huge. There will not be any new pages added to this older site nor will pages be updated except for correcting errors.

    Square Wave Signal Generator - Build a basic first class electronic hobbyist test instrument - ideal for trouble shooting. Includes a how to use guide.

    Excellent beginner project to start your collection of amateur-radio-equipment. Like most presentations on this site LONG but quite interesting. REVISED circuit values.

    Radio Projects

    Radio Telescope - In response to some considerable interest I have posted a project for you to construct a 30 Mhz radio telescope.

    Passive Antenna Re-radiators - Again in response to some considerable interest I have posted some project ideas for receiving difficulties for you to construct passive antenna re-radiators or "sort" of Q multipliers.

    Science Fair Projects

    Science Fair Project Ideas - Again in response to a lot of email questions from both students and parents I have put together a page of science fair project ideas covered by this site. These projects also appear elsewhere on my comprehensive site but I've been asked to group them together under the one heading of science fair projects.

    Electronics Tutorials - Basics

    (and in this order)

    1.   Radio Terminology - learn the basics, learn what's what! get a basic understanding of all the major terms used in ham radio and electronics

    2.   Basic Electronic Units - learn the basics of those important components Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance - VERY LONG

    3.   Radio Basics - learn the basics at the necessary level to follow the later advanced topics. Begin to understand LC, reactance, impedance, even Q and other important basic concepts. Includes a great Javascript LC calculator I've written to work out L or C from resonant frequency!

    Antennas, some rules of thumb for beginners - Every now and then somebody asks for antenna suggestions. Quite often these people asking about antennas are beginners who are afraid of making the wrong choice - a contibution on antennas by James R. Duffey KK6MC/5 aka Dr. Megacycle.

    Strong Recommendations

    The very best reference and technical books Ian Purdie, VK2TIP can recommend - If you are serious about learning electronics and advancing either your career or hobby this is the place to look.

    the best radio - electronics-projects magazine in the world - Check this out. Excellent value for such a low subscription!

    Advanced Electronics - start here

    Amplifier design - Part 1 - learn how to design both a.c. amplifiers and r.f. amplifiers

    Amplifier design - Part 2 - using emitter degeneration

    Amplifier design - Part 3 - using emitter degeneration AND feedback

    Buffer Amplifier design - - to buffer low level stages before succeeding amplification

    Small Signal Amplifier design - - to follow the buffered low level stages before power amplification

    This image is copyrighted © by Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP - new

    Short wave rgenerative receiver project PCB also available. From my new site. A regenerative radio receiver is unsurpassed in comparable simplicity, weak signal reception, inherent noise-limiting and agc action and, freedom from overloading and spurious responses. The regenerative radio receiver or, even super-regenerative radio receiver or, "regen" if you prefer, is basically an oscillating detector receiver.

    A.M. Radio design - the basics of a.m. radio design Part 1

    A.M. Radio design - the basics of a.m. radio design Part 2

    F.M. Radio design - the basics of f.m radio design Part 1

    F.M. Radio design - the basics of f.m radio design Part 2

    Active Receiving Antennas - a discussion on some of the principles and justifications behind the design of active receiving antennas for radio projects.

    Design of RF Oscillators - a discussion on some of the principles and justifications behind the RF design and construction of radio frequency oscillators

    Design of Voltage Controlled Oscillators - a discussion on some of the principles and justifications behind the design of voltage controlled oscillators or VCO's.

    Design of Crystal Oscillators - a brief discussion on some of the principles and justifications behind the design of crystal oscillators.

    Radio Terminology - basic terms for newcomers to radio projects, ham radio, and electronic tutorials to get to know and understand for your electronics-projects

    High pass LC filter design - by popular demand learn how to design high pass LC filters - Part 1

    L.C. Filter design - a comprehensive electronic tutorial for everybody into ham radio or the electronic hobbyist.

    This image is copyrighted © by Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP - new

    This LC and crystal filter software was written by Neil Heckt of Almost All Digital Electronics as an aid for filter designers to simply plug in various filter parameters and hey presto! there is your finished design. From my new site I will present you with the design example of a crystal filter of the crystal ladder filters variety as designed on my evaluation copy of the downloaded software.

    Double Balanced Mixer design - an electronic tutorial on double balanced mixers

    Balun design - an electronic tutorial discussing baluns
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    Power Supply design - 1 - a home learning tutorial on the basics of designing simple power supplies for radio projects.

    Power Supply - 2 - regulation of power supply voltages.

    Power Supply - 3 - designing with solid state regulators as well as using higher current regulators.

    Power Supply - 4 - a bench variable voltage power supply project for you to construct at home.

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    Electronic Projects - electronic kits and electronics-projects from friends of mine.



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This image is copyrighted © by Ian C. Purdie VK2TIP - Book cover - The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2019

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2019 [Softcover] - USA

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2015 [2019 not yet stocked] - Canada

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2019 [Softcover] - U.K.

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